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paramore ROX! [Oct. 15th, 2009|11:52 am]
[where are you? |Glendowie, Auckland New Zealand]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[rockin' out to |PARAMORE!!! And heaps more.]

so I was thinking.. and I asked myself.. why do i have a live journal??
I mean I hardly do anything on it.. and I have nothing to write about.
I'm sure it's because of paramore.. I always used to watch the 'final riot' dvd EVERYDAY. When I got it for Christmas in 2008 I was speechless.. At that time I was probably going to faint because I FINALLY got my first paramore cd. In the dvd I heard Hayley talk about 'live journal' and I was like.. ??what's live journal?? so i looked it up and signed up for it. Now I've got an account and I go on it every 2 days or something like that.. I've also got the rest of their albums including the new album 'BRAND NEW EYES' =D Me and my bestie share a paramore obsession together.. lol we're HUGE fans and we're hoping that they come down under to New Zealand very soon!! =)